Biggies Burger Story: This man built a company worth Rs 100 crore with just Rs 2000, read the whole story!

Biggies Burger Story: In our country India, you will get many types of dishes to eat, because the Food Industry in India is very big and many Food Businesses in India generate revenue of crores of Rupees every month. Likewise, we present a tale from the realm of the Indian culinary landscape, wherein a visionary individual has established a business valued at Rs 100 Crore through the Prudent Accumulation of Rs 2000.

Here we are talking about Biggies Burger Startup, which was started in 2016 by Biraja Rout, a businessman working in IT industry and today this Biggies Burger Startup has become a 100 crore brand. In the forthcoming piece, you’ll delve into the narrative of Biggies Burger, exploring how this brand has evolved into a 100 Crore Company in today’s market landscape.

Biggies Burger Story
Biggies Burger Story (Credit: Getty Images)

This is How Biggie’s Burger Story Began

In the year 2016, Biraja Rout, a resident of India, start Biggies Burgers so that Indian people can enjoy the various tastes of Grilled Burgers. Biggies Burgers is a QSR Quick Service Restaurant Chain business that offers a variety of burgers on its menu to its customers.

In an interview with Livemint, Biraja Rout disclosed that his inaugural encounter with a burger transpired at the age of 21, imprinting a lasting impression of its taste. Instantly enamoured by burgers, he embarked on a journey of thorough research into their culinary realm.

Biraja Rout Had Done Complete Research

During the interview, Biraja, the originator of Biggies Burgers, elaborated that his exploration into burgers commenced at the inception of his journey, he could not find any restaurant which was an Indian brand and provided many types of burgers to its customers, hence he created Biggies Burgers. I got the inspiration to start it because, at that time, people had to go to American Brands for different burgers.

At that time, Biraja Rout worked in an IT company, and before that, he had no experience of doing any business. yet still, he believed in himself and decided to open a QSR Quick Service Restaurant Chain named Biggies Burgers.

Started With This Much Money

In his interview, Biraja elaborated that he commenced his business venture with ₹ 20,000 at his disposal. With this modest sum, he courageously inaugurated a compact stall, christened Biggies Burgers, in a modest locale. Soon after its inception, he relinquished his employment to wholeheartedly dedicate himself to nurturing his entrepreneurial endeavour.

Biggies Burger Story
Biggies Burger Story (Credit: Getty Images)

Gradually, Biraja’s Biggies Burger brand became quite famous in that area and thousands of customers started coming to him every day. Along with this, let us also tell you that Biraja did not have any knowledge of making burgers, etc; he had taken this knowledge from YouTube and Started Selling Burgers.

Besides this, Biraja also set aside two thousand rupees from his monthly earnings with the intention of expanding his business to a larger scale.

Created A Company Worth Crores In Just Rs 2000

Biraja, who initially set aside ₹ 2000 monthly, has now transformed his Biggies Burgers venture into a multimillion-rupee enterprise, all thanks to his dedication and efforts. Later, he also started giving franchise of his brand and due to that, today he has more than 130 outlets all over India. In addition to that, you have the opportunity to savour the delectable burgers from Biggies Burgers across over 24 cities throughout India.

According to the report of Biggies Burgers, today more than 70 lakh burgers are sold every day, due to which the revenue of Biggies Burgers is going to reach Rs 100 crores this year. If we talk about India’s largest Burgers QSR chain, then it is also Biggies Burgers.

Biraja Rout believed in himself and took risks, that is why Biraja has reached this position today. We hope that with the help of this article, you will have gained information about Biggies Burger Story. Do share it with your friends so that they can also know about Biggies Burger Story.


The story of Biggies Burger Epitomizes the Entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity Prevalent in India’s food industry. Biraja Rout’s journey from a humble Beginning with just ₹2000 to Building a ₹100 Crore Enterprise Showcases the Power of Determination, self-belief, and Innovation. His story inspires aspiring Entrepreneurs across the Nation.

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FAQs For Biggies Burger Story

What is Biggies Burger?

Biggies Burger is a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain based in India that specializes in offering a variety of grilled burgers to its customers.

Who Founded Biggies Burger and when?

Biggies Burger was founded in 2016 by Biraja Rout, an IT industry professional turned entrepreneur, with the aim of introducing diverse burger flavours to the Indian market.

How did Biraja Rout Start the Business with Limited Resources?

Despite lacking prior business experience, Biraja Rout began his entrepreneurial journey with a mere ₹20,000. He courageously launched a compact stall named Biggies Burger and gradually transitioned from his IT job to focus entirely on growing his burger venture.

How did Biraja Rout Learn to Make Burgers?

Biraja Rout acquired the knowledge of making burgers through online resources, particularly YouTube. Despite lacking formal training, his dedication and resourcefulness enabled him to master the art of burger-making and establish a successful brand.

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