Tech Burner Net Worth Revealed! Discover the Wealth of India’s Favorite Tech YouTuber and Social Media Influencer

Tech Burner Net Worth: Today there are many popular Creators in the world of YouTube about whose wealth many people want to know, so today from this world of YouTube we have brought information about the famous YouTuber Tech Burner.

If you watch technology videos on YouTube, then you must have seen Tech Burner’s technology related videos at some point or the other. Tech Burner is one of the most popular channels in the technology category on YouTube, which is watched by millions of people every month. In such a situation, many people want to know about Tech Burner Net Worth.

Therefore, in today’s post, we are going to tell you about Tech Burner Net Worth, along with which we will also know many other things about Tech Burner. Stay tuned till the end of this post so that you can get information about the properties of Tech Burner.

Who is Tech Burner?

Tech Burner is a famous tech YouTuber and social media influencer in India whose real name is Shlok Shrivastav. Shlok was born on 3 December 1995 in Delhi, the capital of India. He had a lot of interest in technology since childhood, that is why Shlok started his YouTube channel named Tech Burner in the year 2014 in which he started uploading videos related to technology.

Tech Burner Net Worth
Tech Burner Net Worth (Credit: Getty images)

But in the initial time, he did not get good views on YouTube, besides, there was copyright on many of his videos due to which he had to face many problems. But despite these things, Shlok never gave up and following his passion, he continued his work of uploading videos on YouTube.

Due to which, today Shlok’s YouTube channel Tech Burner is one of the largest Tech YouTube channels in India, and more than 11 million people have subscribed to Tech Burner’s channel. Apart from this, Shlok has also created many of his businesses with the help of YouTube only. Out of which his Two Companies Overlays Clothing and Layers are quite popular.

Tech Burner Net Worth

If we talk about the income sources of Tech Burner, then today their main sources of income are Tech Burner YouTube Channel, Brand Deals, Instagram, Business Income etc. With the help of all these income sources, Tech Burner earns around Rs 30 to 40 lakh every month.

Now talking about Tech Burner Net Worth, according to reports, Tech Burner’s total assets are around Rs 22 to 24 crores.

Tech Burner Monthly IncomePer Month ₹30 to ₹40 Lakhs
Tech Burner Net WorthApprox. ₹22 to ₹24 Crore

Tech Burner Net Worth

Tech Burner YouTube Income

Tech Burner Net Worth
Tech Burner Youtube Income (Credit: Getty images)

Today, more than 11.4 million subscribers are associated with Shlok Srivastava’s YouTube channel Tech Burner and each of his videos gets around 10 lakh views. Apart from this, all his videos are also loved a lot by the people.

Now if we talk about Tech Burner YouTube Income, then with the help of this channel alone, Tech Burner earns around Rs 6 to 8 lakh per month. Tech Burner charges up to Rs 10 lakh for doing a brand deal on his YouTube Channel.

Tech Burner Instagram Income

Tech Burner Net Worth
Tech Burner Instagram Income (Credit: Getty images)

Apart from YouTube, Tech Burner is also very active on Instagram platform and shares technology related videos with his followers through Reels on Instagram. Due to which today Tech Burner has more than 4 million followers on Instagram.

Now if we talk about Tech Burner Instagram Income, then Tech Burner charges Rs 5 to 6 lakh for doing a brand deal on Instagram.

Tech Burner Girlfriend

If we discourse about Tech Burner Girlfriend, then according to the information found on the internet, his girlfriend’s name is Siddhi Bhardwaj.

We hope that from this post you would have got information about Tech Burner Net Worth, share it with your friends so that they can also get information about Tech Burner Net Worth.

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Tech Burner, also known as Shlok Shrivastav, has risen to become one of India’s most Prominent Tech YouTubers, amassing a Significant following and Substantial wealth through his Dedication and Passion for Technology. With a Net Worth Estimated between Rs 22 to 24 crores, his Success Story is truly inspiring.

FAQs For Tech Burner

Who is Tech Burner?

Tech Burner, whose real name is Shlok Shrivastav, is a prominent tech YouTuber and social media influencer based in India. He launched his YouTube channel, Tech Burner, in 2014, focusing on technology-related content.

How did Tech Burner start his YouTube career?

Shlok Shrivastav initiated his YouTube journey in 2014 with the Tech Burner channel, where he began uploading technology-related videos. Despite facing initial challenges such as low viewership and copyright issues, he persisted in creating content and eventually gained massive popularity.

What are Tech Burner’s main sources of income?

Tech Burner generates income primarily through his YouTube channel, brand deals, Instagram, and business ventures. His main sources of revenue include ad revenue from his YouTube videos, sponsorships, and income from his businesses like Overlays Clothing and Layers.

What is Tech Burner’s monthly income and net worth?

Tech Burner earns approximately Rs 30 to 40 lakhs per month through various income streams. His reported net worth is around Rs 22 to 24 crores, accumulated from his successful career as a YouTuber and entrepreneur.

Who is Tech Burner’s girlfriend?

According to information available online, Tech Burner’s girlfriend’s name is Siddhi Bhardwaj.

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