Sandeep Gajakas Success Story: This man made a company worth crores by polishing shoes, read the whole story

Sandeep Gajakas Success Story: In the world of business and startups, you must have read the success stories of many such businesses, whose founder have made a very big company from a very small beginning. Similarly, today we have brought for you the success story of another business in which the founder of this business has made a company worth crores by polishing shoes.

You heard it right, the founder of this startup has today made a company worth Rs 1 crore by polishing shoes. In India, many of us consider shoe polishing as a small task but many successful people say that no task is small or big and the founder of this startup has proved this.

Here today we are talking about Sandeep Gajakas, who has created India’s first Shoe Laundry company, in which his company earns money by cleaning and repairing people’s shoes. In today’s article, you are going to read about Sandeep Gajaka’s Success Story and learn how Sandeep has built a company worth crores while polishing shoes.

Sandeep Gajakas Success Story
Sandeep Gajakas Success Story

This is how Sandeep Gajaka’s success story began

Sandeep Gajakas is a resident of Mumbai, India, and he belongs to a very good family. Sandeep has completed his engineering degree and after completing engineering, Sandeep wanted to work abroad. But in the same year when he wanted to go abroad, the 9/11 incident took place in America. Sandeep decided to abandon his intention to travel abroad as a result.

Opting to forgo his overseas arrangements, Sandeep made the choice to embark on establishing his own enterprise. After which, while saving money, he started “The Shoe Laundry” company with just ₹ 12000. Sandeep chose his own house to start this business, he got the basement of his house demolished and got his workshop built there so that Sandeep could start his business.

In the beginning, Sandeep took old dirty shoes from his friends, cleaned them and returned them to his friends. Besides this, the footwear of friends with damages underwent repairs and was subsequently returned to them. Sandeep’s friends liked Sandeep’s work very much, due to which Sandeep’s confidence in this business increased in the beginning and he continued this work.

The family members were not happy at all

When Sandeep started his shoe polishing business, his family members were not at all happy with him because, after doing engineering, Sandeep had started the work of polishing shoes. Which parent would not allow his son to do so? I would like to see someone polishing shoes. His family members were thoroughly dissatisfied with him for this very reason.

But despite these things, Sandeep continued his shoe polishing business and never backed down from it. In the beginning, many people also insulted him, saying that you did engineering and started polishing shoes, it seems you did not get any job. Many people made fun of Sandeep while saying this but Sandeep ignored all these things and continued his hard work.

Today, it stands as a corporation with a valuation in the millions

Sandeep Gajakas started his company “The Shoe Laundry” in 2003 but today his company is worth crores. Sandeep continued his hard work from the beginning and gradually, today, he gives franchise of his company all over the world. Today, the turnover of “The Shoe Laundry” company has reached crores.

Along with this, let us tell you that today the franchise of this company, Sandeep, has reached 10 different states of India. While Sandeep faced initial laughter from many, his current success has silenced those mockeries.

Sandeep Gajakas Success Story Overview

Article TitleSandeep Gajakas Success Story
Startup NameThe Shoe Laundry
FounderSandeep Gajakas
HomeplaceMumbai, India
Khichdi Express Revenue (FY 2023)₹2-3 Crore
Official Website

Sandeep Gajakas got success because he always believed in himself and ignored the negative things of people. This is the reason that today, even while polishing shoes, he has made a company worth Rs. 1 crore.

Sandeep Gajakas Success Story Interview

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Sandeep Gajakas’ journey from shoe polishing to founding India’s first Shoe Laundry, “The Shoe Laundry,” is a testament to resilience and self-belief. Despite initial skepticism from family and mockery from others, Sandeep’s dedication turned a ₹12,000 investment into a multi-crore company. The success, marked by global franchises and accolades like the Zee Business Award, reflects Sandeep’s unwavering commitment. His story inspires, showcasing that no task is too small, and believing in oneself can turn unconventional ventures into thriving enterprises.

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FAQs For Sandeep Gajakas 

Who is Sandeep Gajakas?

Sandeep Gajakas is the founder of The Shoe Laundry, India’s first Shoe Laundry company. He hails from Mumbai and has successfully built a company worth crores by cleaning and repairing people’s shoes.

How did Sandeep start The Shoe Laundry?

Sandeep began by saving money and converting the basement of his house into a workshop. He started the business by cleaning and repairing old, dirty shoes from friends. Despite initial disapproval from family and some mockery from others, Sandeep persisted in his hard work.

How many states in India have The Shoe Laundry franchises?

The franchise of The Shoe Laundry, founded by Sandeep Gajakas, has expanded to 10 different states in India.

What is the current valuation of The Shoe Laundry?

The Shoe Laundry is currently valued in the millions, and its turnover has reached crores.

How did Sandeep Gajakas handle criticism and mockery initially?

Despite facing criticism and mockery for choosing a profession seemingly unrelated to his engineering degree, Sandeep ignored negative comments and continued his hard work with determination, eventually proving his critics wrong.

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