Ather Halo Smart Helmet Price, Revolutionizing Safety Features, Quality, and Battery Life Revealed!

Ather Halo Smart Helmet Price: Ather Energy has made two big blasts in one go. The company has recently launched a new family scooter Rizta, whose starting price is Rs 1.10 lakh But the real news is about the helmets launched with it.

These two Helmets named Ather Halo and Halo Bit are equipped with smart features. If you are already crazy about Ather scooter or are planning to buy it soon, then this helmet is no less than a game changer for you.

So let us know how these will change your riding experience in four special things…

Ather Halo Smart Helmet Price

Talking about Ather Energy’s new Helmet Halo, it comes in two amazing variants. The first is the full-fair Halo Smart Helmet, which gives complete coverage to the riders. Another option is the affordable Halo Bit Half Face Helmet.

Ather Halo Smart Helmet Price
Ather Halo Smart Helmet Price

Keeping the pocket in mind, if we talk about the price, currently under the launch offer, the price of Full Face Halo Smart Helmet has been kept at only Rs 12,999, whereas its actual price is Rs 14,999. At the same time, Half Face Hello Bit is available for only Rs 4,999.

Ather Halo Smart Helmet Quality

Ather Halo is as stylish to look as it is safe. Specifically designed keeping Ather’s scooter range in mind, it comes with an ergonomic shell.

Ather Halo Smart Helmet Price
Ather Halo Smart Helmet Quality

Besides, full care has been taken of ventilation for the movement of air. Soft padding is provided in the inner part of the helmet, which takes care of comfort even during long rides.

Ather Energy claims that both the helmets of the Halo series are made with high-grade build quality. It has achieved both ISI and DOT safety ratings, which gives you complete confidence while riding.

Ather Halo Smart Helmet Features

Ather Halo Smart Helmet not only protects the head but also makes your ride hi-tech. It is equipped with amazing sound-damping technology, which reduces the noise and lets you listen to the music of your choice comfortably. And the matter is not limited to music only. The helmet also has in-built Harman Kardon speakers, which promise great sound quality.


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But this helmet shows its real magic when you connect it to your Athar scooter. The company claims that with great sound quality, you will be able to hear outside sounds easily. Also, with its chit-chat feature, you can also talk to your friend sitting behind. So Ather Halo not only provides safety but also makes your smart ride even more fun.

Ather Halo Smart Helmet Battery

Ather Halo Smart Helmet is not only a strong combo of smart features and safety, but it is also very good in terms of charging. This helmet comes with wireless charging technology, so that you will not have to face the hassle of connecting with wires again and again.

Yes, after taking it off, you can keep it on the charging point on your scooter and it will charge automatically. Ather Energy claims that once fully charged, this helmet can last for a whole week.

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Ather Energy’s latest launch of the Rizta family scooter accompanied by the Ather Halo and Halo Bit smart Helmets signifies a significant leap in rider safety and convenience. With features like ergonomic design, superior build quality, sound-damping technology, and wireless charging capability, these helmets redefine the riding experience. Ather Halo series not only ensures safety but also enhances connectivity and entertainment, promising a seamless blend of innovation and style for riders. Stay tuned with Voksnews for more updates on such groundbreaking developments.

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FAQs For Ather Halo Smart Helmets

What are the variants available in the Ather Halo Smart Helmet?

The Ather Halo Smart Helmet comes in two variants: the full face Halo Smart Helmet and the half face Halo Bit Helmet.

What is the price range for the Ather Halo Smart Helmets?

Currently, under the launch offer, the Full Face Halo Smart Helmet is priced at Rs 12,999, while the Half Face Halo Bit Helmet is available for Rs 4,999.

What safety standards do the Ather Halo Smart Helmets meet?

Both helmets in the Halo series are made with high-grade build quality and have achieved ISI and DOT safety ratings, providing riders with confidence while on the road.

What features make the Ather Halo Smart Helmet unique?

The Ather Halo Smart Helmet is equipped with sound-damping technology and in-built Harman Kardon speakers, offering great sound quality. It also allows connectivity to Ather scooters for added functionality such as listening to music and engaging in conversation with passengers.

How is the battery life of the Ather Halo Smart Helmet?

The Ather Halo Smart Helmet features wireless charging technology, allowing users to charge it conveniently on their scooter’s charging point. Once fully charged, the helmet can last for up to a week.

What comfort features does the Ather Halo Smart Helmet offer?

The helmet is designed with an ergonomic shell for style and safety, along with ample ventilation for airflow. Soft padding inside ensures comfort even during long rides.

Can the Ather Halo Smart Helmet be connected to other devices?

Yes, the helmet can be connected to Ather scooters for enhanced functionality. Additionally, it allows users to listen to music and engage in conversations while riding.

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