Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies: These Best Movies of Akshaye Khanna which you Must Watch!

Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies: Akshaye Khanna is different from other star kids participating in the hero race. He is neither fond of being a ‘child’, nor of doing a lot of films in a year. He always thinks carefully and is ready to play any kind of character on screen, be it a sharp-tongued cop, a greedy villain or a sweet neighbour boy. On his 49th birthday, let’s take a look at his Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies. Take a look at the five best films, which are proof of his brilliant acting.

Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies List

Movie TitleStreaming PlatformCharacterDescription
Drishyam 2Prime VideoTough CopA cunning father protects his family from the cop (Akshaye Khanna) investigating his son’s death.
RaceYouTubeRanveer Singh’s stepbrother (Rajiv)A villainous character (Akshaye Khanna) creates problems for his step-brother in the horse racing business.
Mere Baap Pehle AapNot Available on Streaming Services (as of today)GauravA heartwarming story of a father-son duo navigating life, love, and friendship. Gaurav wants to marry his father first!
HumraazDisney+ Hotstar, Prime VideoKaran (villain)A ruthless character who uses his girlfriend to cheat a businessman and steal his property.
DeewaarPrime VideoGauravA patriotic story of a son (Akshay Khanna) infiltrating Pakistan to rescue his father, a prisoner of war for 33 years.

Akshaye Khanna Best Movies List

  1. Drishyam 2 

Akshaye Khanna plays the character of a tough cop in Drishyam 2. They want to know the truth about Sam’s death from the first film. They use strategies like sending covert police to act like neighbours and establishing amplifiers in their homes.

Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies
Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies

But Vijay Salgaonkar is a cunning father and he succeeds in saving his family. Akshaye Khanna’s acting is eminent, and this movie merits watching.

  1. Race

Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies
Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies

The first Race film is always remembered for its explosive story, where the villain Akshaye Khanna created a stir. At that time, Katrina Kaif was just magic on screen, while Saif Ali Khan was lost in his plans to become James Bond. Bipasha Basu added colour, but the real hit was made by Akshaye Khanna, who played the role of Ranveer Singh’s stepbrother, Rajiv. This Rajeev was a drunkard, spoiled, and full of dangerous intentions who stood in the way of Ranveer, who had made a name for himself in the horse business.

  1. Mere Baap Pehle Aap

This 2008 comedy-drama film from director Priyadarshan is a lovable gem that can be watched again and again. The film, starring actors like Paresh Rawal, Akshaye Khanna, Om Puri, Genelia D’Souza, Archana Puran Singh, Shobhana, Manoj Joshi and Rajpal Yadav, also did well at the box office.

Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies
Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies

The narrative unfolds the tender bond shared between a father named Janardhan and his son, Gaurav, as they journey through the paths of existence, affection, and camaraderie hand in hand. The special thing of the film is that Gaurav wants to marry his father first to complete his incomplete love story.

  1. Humraaz

Akshaye Khanna plays a ruthless character named Karan who wants to cheat business tycoon Raj (Bobby Deol). Karan uses his girlfriend Priya (Ameesha Patel) and gets her married to Raj so that he can take over her property after the divorce.

Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies
Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies

When Priya finds herself entangled in affection for Raj and feels compelled to divulge the truth to Karan, she resolves to seek vengeance. In the film, Akshaye Khanna is seen in the role of a villain who can go to any extent to acquire Raj’s property.

  1. Deewaar

Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies
Akshaye Khanna Top 5 Movies

The 2004 film Deewaar arouses a sense of patriotism. This film unfolds the tale of Indian soldiers who were captured as prisoners of war and detained in Pakistan for an extensive period of time. Akshaye Khanna plays the role of Gaurav in the movie, who infiltrates Pakistan to save his father, Major Ranveer Kaul (Amitabh Bachchan). This movie has an interesting story.

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FAQs For Akshaye Khanna’s Top 5 Movies

What are the top 5 movies featuring Akshaye Khanna?

The top 5 movies featuring Akshaye Khanna are: “Drishyam 2,” “Race,” “Mere Baap Pehle Aap,” “Humraaz,” and “Deewaar.”

Where can I stream these movies?

“Drishyam 2” is available on Prime Video. “Race” can be found on YouTube. “Mere Baap Pehle Aap” is not currently available on streaming services. “Humraaz” is accessible on Disney+, Hotstar, and Prime Video. “Deewaar” is available on Prime Video.

What roles does Akshaye Khanna play in these movies?

In “Drishyam 2,” he portrays a tough cop. In “Race,” he plays the role of Rajiv, Ranveer Singh’s stepbrother. In “Mere Baap Pehle Aap,” he portrays the character Gaurav. In “Humraaz,” he plays Karan, a villainous character. In “Deewaar,” he plays Gaurav, a patriotic son.

Can you summarise why these movies are considered some of Akshaye Khanna’s best works?

These movies are considered some of Akshaye Khanna’s best works due to his exceptional performances, the compelling narratives, and the diverse range of characters he portrays, which demonstrate his versatility and talent as an actor.

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