Bengal Tiger · Meet the majestic Bengal tiger, India's national animal and the largest tiger species in the world.

Gangetic Dolphin · Dive into the waters of the Ganges River and encounter the elusive Gangetic dolphin, India's only freshwater dolphin species.

Indian Rhino · Explore the dense forests of India to catch a glimpse of the Indian rhino, a symbol of strength and resilience.

Asiatic Lion · Journey to the Gir Forest in Gujarat to witness the regal Asiatic lion, a rare sight found only in India.

Nilgiri Tahr · Scale the heights of the Nilgiri mountains to spot the Nilgiri tahr, a mountain goat species endemic to the Western Ghats.

Lion-Tailed Macaque · Swing through the treetops of the Western Ghats with the lion-tailed macaque, known for its distinctive mane-like tuft of hair.

Great Indian Bustard – Explore the vast grasslands of India's heartland and encounter the endangered Great Indian bustard, a bird of majestic proportions.